Bergamo's Agriculture

200x100_territorio_04A modern and multifunctional activity: this is the agriculture developed in the territory of Bergamo that, during the last years, has had the capacity to renew itself maintaining the prosperity of its area.

What strikes most of Bergamo’s province is, first of all, the elevation profile : lowland, hill and mountain territories give a variety of landscapes which strongly influences the agricultural sector and the type and dimension of the factories which contributes to create a real fascinating environment .

200x100_territorio_06Bergamo’s area extend across 270,000 hectares. Its half is dedicated to farming, a sector which has well-advanced companies with a strong attitude to multi-functionality.

In the lowlands the agricultural sector is competitive. It also has excellent degrees, sometimes higher than the national and the European reality.

In addition to the cereal-growing, the main activities are pig farm and bovine (both for milk and for beef) breeding.

In all Bergamo’s province tons of milk are produced and are basically used to produce typical products like “Taleggio” and the traditional “Formaggelle”

200x100_territorio_05Beef meat or pig meat is the main ingredient of a traditional Bergamo’s dish called “Casoncelli” : an heart of minced meat mixed with other ingredients and covered by two sheets of pasta, pressed together at the edges.

On the gentle hills there are different olive tree groves and rich grapevines grown with passion and harvest by hand, from which quality wines are produced like for example “Moscato di Canzo” wines, which are characterized by their intense, deep ruby-red color, full body and powerful aromas, and the red “Valcalepio” which has aged for at least 12 months, 3 of which at least one in oak casks.

200x100_territorio_11In this area the olive oil of Lombardy’s lakes is produced. It has the typical green-yellow colour with a lightly fruity taste. In addition, during last years, market gardening and nursery gardening have developed too. This last one is mainly based on the so called “IV Gamma” that is ready-to-eat raw vegetables and fruits, in particular the salad.

200x100_territorio_09The tops of Bergamo’s mountains still maintain a traditional agriculture based on milk animal husbandry and on bovine, ovine and caprine breeding. The territory which hosts these animals during the summer period, the green gazing, the clean air and the life style which still follows the seasonal trends, allow the agriculture to produce, even if in limited quantity, very good specialties like the “Formai De Mut” produced in Alta Val Brembana or the “Bitto”

200x100_territorio_07Very widespread are agritourisms, that is agriculturally based factories which allow visitors to have a direct contact with animals and nature. Only in the province of Bergamo there are more then 100 agritourisms. In order to bring the agricultural world and the country lifestyle closer to children and adults, different farms are also educational farms. Through organized days and manual laboratories, you can discover how the food is produced , how animals live and what are agricultural activities.

There are even more farmers who directly sell their products to the end users. Thanks to the project named “Campagna Amica” promoted by Coldiretti, you can already find 10 farmers’ market, more than 100 outlets and different workshops of Campagna Amica.

200x100_territorio_02The Bergamo’s area agriculture is known and famous for its great variety of typical products, even if niche products like saffron, small fruits, mouse-air and horse breeding are present.

There are 9 DOP quality cheeses (”Denominazione di Origine Protetta – “Protected Designation of Origin ). DOP is also the oil of the Lombardy’s lakes.

200x100_territorio_03In addition there are 2 DOC wine (“Di Origine Controllata – “Controlled Designation of Origin”) and 1 DOCG (“Di Origine Controllata e Garantita” – “Controlled Designation of Origin Guarenteed”) : The “Valcalepio”, the “Terre del Colleoni” and the “Moscato di Scanzo”.

Unmatched tastes, pure lands, tradition and hospitality allows Bergamo’s area agriculture to be the sector which most represents the good and the beautiful side of the provincial territory. An heritage to be discovered by the 20 million visitors who will arrive in Lombardy during Expo 2015.