“Denominazione di Origine Controllata”, DOC ( Controlled Designation of Origin – CDO) ,is an Italian origin certification used in oenology.

This label certifies and limits the place of origin of grapes picking used for the production and it requires that wine is produced following specific rules and methods.

All DOC wine, in order to be sold, have to be submitted to a preliminary chemical-physical analysis and to an organoleptic inspection which certify the respect of the qualities requested by the regulation.


In addition to DOC, there is the DOCG that is “Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita” (Controlled Designation of Origin Guaranteed – CDOG)

DOCG is only for wines which are being labelled as DOC for at least 5 years, which are considered particularly great and which have an excellent national and international reputation.

In Bergamo’s area there are three wines which have one of these certifications: “Valcalepio”, “Terre del Colleoni” and “Moscato di Scanzo”