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Miriam: Jam, honey, nectar

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Via Vallese 56
24069 Trescore Balneario (Bergamo)

tel. +39 035.945201

Wild berries, jams, honeys and nectars.

Production and direct selling of extra jams and honey

Cultivation and recovery of old / rare varieties of fruits like for example the “Erda Longa” and the “Pirola” pear.

To be noted: 18 different types of jams, cultivation and production of rare and typical varieties of fruits.

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miriam_200x267For over 25 years we cultivate fruits and wild berries in a natural way and we use them to produce quality jams.

Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, currants, strawberries, wild strawberries, peaches, pears, kiwi, kaki, plums and much more.

We also breed bees and we produce honey : acacia, chestnut, mixed flower and woodland honeydew honey.

All the production of wild berries is sold fresh or transformed into extra jams, nectars or fruit compotes.

The particular position of our fields, which are sun-kissed, windy and with a significant difference between day and night temperatures, allows us to produce fruits which have special organoleptic characteristics, are aromatic and rich in vitamins.

A full and intense flavour that you can find intact in our products.

Particular mention should be made of the Isabella grape, the “Piröla” pear and the “Spadona d’Inverno” pear (old varieties of pears typical of Bergamo’s territory which today are almost disappeared)


We use cultivation methods which respect both the people and the environment.

The fruit is picked by hand, only when it is perfectly ripe, when it has an intense taste and a persistent flavor, the same flavour that you can find in our homemade extra jams.

Over the years we succeeded in recovering and valorizing some varieties of fruits typical of the Bergamo’s territory that were disappearing, like the “Piröla” pear (suitable to be cooked) and the “Spadona d’Inverno” pear (also called Erda Lönga)

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