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Podere Montizzolo
Agritourism and Bottega

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S.P. 185 Rivoltana Km. 9.250

Tel: +39 0363.52175

Agritourism and Bottega di Campagna amica.

Rustic and at the same time sophisticated environment, with 60 available seats.

It's located near the Sanctuary of Caravaggio.
Bottega with direct selling of typical products

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bottega campagna amicaFor three generations at your service.

The farm is located in the old “Cascina Montizzolo”, whose first documented references date from 1668.

Now, as then, all the activities are carried out respecting the traditions, with commitment and passion, trying to do them in the best possible way, in full respect of the environment and of the reared animals.

In our fields we cultivate cereals and fodder, partly used for the pig breeding from which we produce the cold cuts that make us “famous” and appreciated by our clients.


Our cuisine is characterized by traditional and simple dishes, typical of the old rural traditions of the Pianura Padana area.

Our cold cuts, our hams and our meats are the main ingredients of our dishes and they are a guarantee of a quality and of a taste that will remind you of the old flavours and fragrances, true, authentic and intense.

The environment originally rustic, has been skillfully renovated paying close attention both to the choice of the materials and to their different matches, in order to obtain a pleasant overall effect of elegance and neatness.

During Summer it’s possible to stay outdoors, in our large garden.
In the evening the soft lights and the fragrance of the grilled meats make the atmosphere unique and unforgettable.


It was inaugurated in 2013 to satisfy the requests of those who wanted to buy directly our cold cots and our hams.

The space is large, well furnished with a modern and elegant style, very functional.

It is so a modern agricultural small shop where to buy the agricultural products of our farm, in addition to the ones of other farms, characterized by their high quality.

Fruits, vegetables, rice, tomato sauces, preserves, jams, oil, wine, cheeses, milk, cakes, bread and ice-cream complete the selection of our products, in addition to our typical cold cuts.

All the products are characterized by their absolute and undisputed quality and natural character.

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